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This section is written for the purpose and education of the current patients of IDC only.

It is not for mass publication or education and some of the views may not reflect entirely on the current established views of the dental profession.

Copying and distribution without authorization for any reason is strictly prohibited.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Cosmetic Makeovers
We believe that giving our patients a complete view of the options available is the first step to every successful outcome.

Today, technology is making it is possible for us to do some amazing things - pressed porcelains that mimic life, computer aided design and craft, virtual surgery, lasers, bio medicines that are designed to re-juvinate, the exciting possibility of cloning, etc.

However, not every thing available is suitable for everyone. There are always compromises and side effects to everything. So now, if a patient came into IDC asking for a smile 'makeover', we don't just ask WHAT do you want to achieve anymore.

We ask a more significant question, WHY?

It doesn't sound like a common question that a cosmetic dentist asks but now more than ever I work with a conscious awareness of the energetic being that we all are and that who we are inside quickly becomes the manifestation of what we are outside.

It is crucial that our patients embark on a professionally guided self searching process before we will even begin to talk about what effectively takes us 2 to 10 hrs to change, usually for the better but none the less irreversible.

To address a very practical issue first, cosmetic and elective treatments are always expensive. A full arch makeover involving 10 teeth on the upper jaw can cost anywhere between US$ 4000 (S$7000.00) to US$ 10,000.00 (S$ 15,000.00)

The new pressed porcelains are very strong but they still have a lifespan before the material or the cement experiences fatigue. So If you are hoping for solutions that last forever, they don't exist for the moment. Veneers and crowns can feel and look just like your natural teeth so they have to be maintained in the same way.

So, if you have thought about it for years, studied your options, are prepared to do what it takes to successfully maintain what you've worked so hard to achieve then yes, please do make an appointment with us to discuss your options.

How White Should White Be?
Follow this simple rule. No blindingly fluorescent white teeth. You want to look awesome and enviable as if you were born that way. Your dentist should not feature in your smile.

After your treatments, You don't want, "WOW! Who is your dentist? "

You want, "WOW ! I don't know what you've been doing but you look fabulous."

Is Bleaching Harmful?
Studies suggest, professional guidance and judicious use. Our experience with long term, frequent use, often results in tooth sensitivity. We recommend one or two clinical bleaching sessions for suitable patients and a yearly maintenance with a home care kit that is easily available from us.

Bleaching is not for patients suffering from severe, generalized sensitivity and root surface abrasions or cavities. The results from teeth that have an uneven stain, severely tetracycline stained or have excessive fluorescent white spots are often unsatisfactory and occasionally ineffective. A better option would be a gentle home kit that will progressively brighten without a drastic change or better yet, consider a permanent, non invasive solution that is revolutionizing the way we whiten teeth permanently. For more information, please read our section on bright smile forever.

Implants can be placed in anyone who has good general health. So they maybe ageless but still not for everyone. The placement of any implant is still a surgical one and the success is still based on a complex interaction of factors.

When an implant is placed in your mouth, it is a foreign body. Your entire system and the immediate environment of the implant will respond and react. You must be prepared to cope with the physical, emotional and structural changes that accompany even a simple single tooth implant.

If you have fairly good health and have a stringent oral hygiene routine and are willing to take the time for unhurried and detailed treatment, we would be honored that you've considered us.