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Getting Ready For Your First Visit

When you first arrive at IDC, you will be asked to complete a patient information form and health history. If you have any previous dental records, X-rays or other important medical information like the names of any medications you are currently taking, please bring them with you.

If you already know the procedure you are coming for, please download, print and sign the completed forms for the relevant treatment. Then bring the completed paperwork with you to your first office call.

These forms provide you with information on the treatment procedure and also the after care required.

Consent for Tooth Extractions and Other Surgical Procedures
Consent for Dental Implant and Surgical Procedures
Consent for Endodontic Treatment
Consent for Release of Dental Treatment Details
Information and Precautions for Tooth Extractions and Operations
Information and Precaution for Dental Implant and Surgical Operations
Length Of Appointment
At IDC we honor your appointment time and try to keep your waiting time to a minimum, if at all. Please plan to arrive on time or 15 minutes early if you are having an operation in order to fill out relevant paperwork and start you on your pre-medication. Initial appointments will vary from 30 minutes to 45 minutes unless you are able to let us know the exact procedure you are coming for.

Most appointments will include a verbal interview in addition to a routine check and for new patients, a panoramic radiographic (XRAY) examination. We encourage you to become an active partner in your own dental health and to ask questions, discuss treatment options and take part in the final decisions about your treatment.