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IDC Community Care

We believe the most significant way of contributing to society is to make every attempt to do what we do very well, with compassion, honestly and care starting with providing an environment that is safe, progressive and rewarding to our staff.

For all our patients, our professional time for consultations is offered free.

We also maintain a fee structure that is fair and affordable to everyone. However, at every opportunity, we try respond to the needs of those patient's whose financial status makes it difficult to afford our regular fees for necessary treatment while making certain that the treatment and services provided is of the same high quality.


Our professional services are also free to a select and growing group of individuals who actively sacrifice their lives, working tirelessly, fearlessly to make a difference in the lives of others.

Over the years we have added onto our ventures, ongoing projects run and managed by some of the true super heroes of our time.


Please go to the following pages to access information about our current Passions: