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One Life at a Time

"One Life at a Time" was created as a non-profit Volunteer Aid-Organization in January 1998 with care giving carried out in Thailand, numerous countries throughout S.E.A., the U.S.A. and Latin America with amazing results.

Their efforts to distribute basic necessities to those in need are supported by the charitable contributions of like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations.

In addition, they make make regular visits to encourage and assist the elderly, the sick and the disadvantaged as well as implementing projects in schools, hospitals and orphanages. OLAT also helps with the rehabilitation of drug addicts and offers personal counseling in prisons and juvenile centers.

The list below are just some of the basic necessities that they need :
Books : English, Chinese and Malay
Clothes : Men's (T-shirts, shorts, underwear), Women's and Children's basic clothing. Reasonable quality only. Guitar strings, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair combs, face cloths, towels, vitamins, medicines and first aid products.
To find our more or to offer your help, please contact us at

Or contact OLAT  at or visit the OLAT group at